My Website

Go here for an up-to-date portfolio. Important tip: you can pay me money to do animation and rigging for you!

Anzovin Studio

The animation studio I ran from 2001 to 2016. Anzovin Studio still sells rigging plugins (such as The Setup Machine 3) and you can hire us to do all the same animation work we used to do, you'll just be getting me and the team as freelancers or as Open Pixel Studios instead of as Anzovin Studio .

Anzovin Rig Tools

The next-generation, spline-based rigging toolset I've been developing with Tagore Smith and Brian Kendall. All the deformation rigs you see on this blog will have been done with Rig Tools. We're hoping to release it as a commercial product in 2018.

Open Pixel Studios

A motion graphics, animation, and explainer video studio opened by part of the team from Anzovin Studio.

Bit Films

Frequent collaborator Chris Perry's company. Hopefully you'll see more from us in the future!

Cult of Rig

If you want to understand how rigging works on a fundamental level you need to be watching Cult of Rig.  A whole lot of the way I use callbacks to implement the ephemeral rig concept comes right from Raffaele Fragapane's work.

Having multiple Rigging Raf(f)s has resulted in some confusion. As a general rule, if you don't know which one of us you're talking to, count the fs.

Rigging Dojo

if you want to learn how to rig, you should learn it from people who actually know. These people do!

Nimble Collective

A new company developing a cloud-based animation production platform and promoting a "microstudio" model of animation production. This may be a perfect fit for my long-term plans for low-cost production.