SIGGRAPH epilogue

SIGGRAPH was an incredibly positive experience, and I had many conversations that will shape the future of what I want to do with ephemeral rigging/interpolationless animation. I’ve even almost recovered from the inevitable post-convention plague!

SIGGRAPH tells me that recordings of my talk will be available publicly, but probably not till October. In the meantime, here’s another speed animation recording of the Chandelier Swing test shown as part of the presentation. I’ve annotated this one with some notes on how I’m using the system, and overall animation technique.

In addition, I realized that anyone who clicked on the link to my Powerpoint slides was probably viewing them on Dropbox. Unfortunately the Dropbox viewer doesn’t play video, which was kind of essential to the presentation! One could always download the file, but for those who don’t have Powerpoint or want to get a Microsoft account to use Powerpoint Online I’ve added some of the videos to my Vimeo: